Final rigging for the SolOceans One-design class

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(Source: SolOcean)

The one-design rigging, specially designed for oceanic races and single-handed round-the-worlds, has now been defined down to the smallest details. The mast – a fixed mast with single spreaders – has been ordered from Beat Wildberger (Alucarbon). This is the last modification before the publication of the final list for the SolOceans One-design class and the first draft of the class rules, at the end of August 2010. The SolOceans One-design rigging will lose more than eighty kilos in weight. The general silhouette will be slimmer thanks to higher stay fastening points on the mast than were initially on the wing mast. Although the mainsail area does not change (115 m2), that of the forward sails has been revised upwards. Therefore, the SolOceans One-design will be perfectly versatile and high-performing in all sailing trims and all types of wind, thanks to the harmony of the new sail plan designed by Michel Desjoyeaux, Pascal Conq (Groupe Finot and Associates) and Yann Régniau (North Sails). Another new feature, dear to Loïck Peyron, who introduced it, the choice of sail makers for the SolOceans One-designs will be left to the racers. In addition to offers by North Sails France, other offers are already available with Incidence and Quantum.

The SolOceans One-design is slimmer and the rigging has lost more than 80 kilos. The new mast with single spreaders is made by Beat Wildberger (Alucarbon). Finot Conq and Associates document.

The SolOceans One-design’s jib sail area increases from 84 to 90 square metres. The Gennaker Code 5 increases from 165 square metres to 175. The asymmetric spinnaker from 254 to 260. The head maxi spinnaker is confirmed at 310 square metres. The storm jib takes on larger proportions at 20 square metres. In these conditions, the upwind area is 230 square metres, thanks to the 115 metre square Gennaker Code 0. Downwind, the SolOceans One-design – holding a steady route and nose always lifted, preventing digging, thanks to its long jib boom – can carry an area of up to 425 square metres, to which can be added the 40 square metres of the stay sail, efficient in certain conditions. We remind you that this new rigging drawn by Pascal Conq was designed by the class technical advisor for the SolOceans One-design: Michel Desjoyeaux. However, it takes into consideration the recommendations by Charles Caudrelier, Vincent Riou, Liz Wardley, Gildas Morvan, Nicolas Bérenger and Halvard Mabire, during their navigations carried out for the 30,000 nautical miles required to perfect this oceanic one-design, positioned, in the International Single-handed Oceanic Sailing Industry, between Figaro Bénéteau one-designs and the Class40, on the one hand and the IMOCA 60 and Eco 60 prototypes on the other.

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