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another product that caught our eye not for what it is but for its concept. Recycling is the future and this award winning light weight sailing jacket from Henri Lloyd is all about that.

Partnering with the Japanese company Teijin (Japanese company specialising in developing environment-friendly products and services) and using ECO CIRCLE™ (Teijin’s revolutionary recycling system) Henri Lloyd has been able to produce its first ever entirely sustainable sailing wear through its own Blue Eco ‘infinite-loop’ recycling system.

Under the ‘infinite-loop’ system, customers can return worn-out Blue Eco products to Henri Lloyd for recycling through Teijin’s revolutionary fibre-to-fibre recycling facility. The recycled raw material is then converted into new, highly durable polyester fibres and engineered into fabric that is used for the manufacture of new Blue Eco products.

Fibre to Fibre recycling is hopefully a frase we will hear more and more in the rigging industry where there is currently no system in place for recycling used running or standing rigging (not to mention sails, etc).

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