Carbomax Furling Boom

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Carbomax Park Avenue Boom (convertible in Furling Boom)
(Source: Maxspar)

Maxspar has developed a new boom which can start life as a Park Avenue boom for a full batten main sail and at a later date easily transformed into a motorised furling boom without the need to change the boom itself.

The transformation option comprises a carbon mandrel, an electric motor and the fitting of a second mount on the boom for the mandrel.

This solutions allows those who are undecided whether to install a Park Avenue Boom or a Furling Boom to first install the Park Avenue and then make the conversion to a motorised furling boom, if they want, at a later date.

The following photos show an example installation, on yacht Giannetti Star 64, on a Park Avenue boom later converted into a furling boom.

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