Busy, Busy, Busy

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RSB Rigging in Palma has been busy over the last few weeks unstepping Superyacht rigs for inspection and service before their anual ‘milk run’ to the Caribbean.

RSB Rig Pro unstep Y II mast…

RSB Rig Pro unstepped the 45 meter mast on the Dixon designed Y II yesterday. The Marten Spars mast was a little reluctant to come out but after a little help from the boats mast jacks it was lifted clear and placed in the mast trolleys. The mast is undergoing service work and will be re-stepping in December.

Earlier in the day RSB also removed the 60 meter reacher stay from Salperton. The Future Fibres PBO stay will have a full visual inspection before being refitted later today.

RSB Rig Pro unstep 2 more…

The RSB Rig Pro team had another busy day today with the unstepping of the RP 82 Highland Fling mast this morning closely followed in the afternoon by the Wally 77 J One. Both rigs came out as planned and will now be stripped for their respective winter service programs.

RSB Rig Pro unstep Highland Breeze mast…

Just 24 hours after the unstepping of Red Dragons mast RSB Rig Pro were back in the lifting bay, this time unstepping the mast from the Swan 112, Highland Breeze. The operation went smoothly and the mast was on the ground in a few hours and ready for stripping. The rig will undergo an 8 year service and will also be painted before the boat leaves for a busy Caribbean season in early December.

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