RSB Rigging News

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RSB Rig Pro unstep Red Dragon mast…

RSB Rig Pro unstepped the 65 meter, 14’000kg mast from Red Dragon yesterday. The preparation work was completed the week before which allowed the whole operation to be carried out with no problems and the minimum of stress.

The mast is the largest ever unstepped in Palma and will be on the ground for service work before being re-stepped in November to allow Red Dragon to be in Thailand in January.

RSB Rig Pro unstep Highland Breeze mast…

Just 24 hours after the unstepping of Red Dragons mast RSB Rig Pro were back in the lifting bay, this time unstepping the mast from the Swan 112, Highland Breeze. The operation went smoothly and the mast was on the ground in a few hours and ready for stripping. The rig will undergo an 8 year service and will also be painted before the boat leaves for a busy Caribbean season in early December.

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