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Our friends at Kohlhoff GmbH have come to METS with a brand new Loop™ Block prototype ‘under the counter’ and now they have been kind enough to send us the exclusive:

The new 60mm Loop™ Block is a direct development of its predecessor which is a very successful product but fell short in high speed / high load applications such as Code Zero and Gennacker sheeting on bigger race boats. For this purpose, Delrin™ sheaves have been replaced with an alloy ball bearing version for the original 60mm blocks in addition to the brand new Torlon™ Needle Bearing Block.
The new block is slightly heavier than the original 60mm block but still 50% lighter than a conventional snatch block of similar working load. The increased thickness of the side plates makes the block very rugged and hardwearing. The pivoting cheeks prove very reliable and quick to open/close when being used as a snatch block. A unique feature are the grooves in the side plate that not only maintain accurate alignment of the soft loop but also ensure that the block is properly closed when under load. Unlike other snatch blocks, there is no mechanical lock which can foul or get stuck.

The titanium centre hub is a two piece thimble, insulated to avoid corrosion, and threaded together to from both the soft loop fairlead and the bearing hub. This allows the block to be taken apart for maintenance and service which makes it ideal for any grand prix race boat.

The Torlon ™ needle bearing and Delrin Ball side thrust bearings will make sure that the block runs free and smooth even under the highest loads!

Specification of the new KOHLHOFF LOOP™ Block 60NB

Sheave Design: 60 mm machined alloy, Torlon Needle Bearing with Delrin side thrust Balls
Max. Rope Diameter: 14 mm, recommended 12 mm
Max. Working Load: 2000 kg
Braking Load: 6000 kg
Weight: 266 gr.

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