Barcelona World Race 2010

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(Source: Future Fibres)

Into its second edition, the Barcelona World Race starts from this historic Catalan city on New Year’s Eve. With 25,000 miles of racing ahead, 10 of the 15 yachts have, once again, placed their trust in Future Fibres’ rigging for this demanding event.

Future Fibres is supplying an incredible 2 kilometers of rigging for the competing boats, ranging from full lateral sets to code cables and aft rigging. Through our long association with the IMOCA fleet, we have been developing and testing our latest range of products over a number of years, always searching for the most durable, optimised solution. This race is no different. Hugo Boss, Aviva, Veolia and Groupe Bel have been instrumental in the development of our brand new FlexC and TSC (thermoset) carbon products over the last 10 months in the lead up to the race. They experienced the performance benefits and above all, in conjunction with our testing, built confidence in this technologically advanced product for use in a non-stop round the world event.

Andy Meiklejohn, co-Skipper of Hugo Boss explains: ‘The performance of FlexC is quite staggering. Its flexible nature makes it almost indistinguishable from a dry fibre cable (PBO, Dyneema, etc.). This is ideal for our type of yacht where boom and batten impact in the case of a crash jibe are always a real risk. Yet, FlexC is still stiffer than any other suitable product for aft rigging when comparing size and weight.’

Reliability is the buzz word of the IMOCA scene. Future Fibres does not only evoke that in our product but also in our customer’s experience when dealing with our team. We were the natural choice for Central Lechera Asturiana to manage and supply a full set of rigging, after cruelly breaking their mast on delivery to Barcelona, 28 days before the start. Future Fibres´ technical team, lead by David Barnaby, was instrumental in sourcing a suitable replacement rig whilst interfacing with our Valencia based production facility to build the new rigging. David comments: ‘Bringing a mast and rigging package together, in the most literal sense, within 2 weeks was no mean feat. From a technical perspective, finding a suitable rig, adapting it to suit the boat, engineering and building the rigging and then delivering it to the team within such a short timeframe has been a major challenge. The guys in the factory did an amazing job pulling this off, working day and night while still maintaining our high quality standards.’

Supplying Carbon, Dyneema, Kevlar and PBO stays in an array of applications to the competitors of the Barcelona World Race, once again, reinforces our “Right Fibre for the Right Application” approach to composite rigging. Each of these fibres has their own specific strength making them the right choice for their given task. Having the ability to supply unbiased recommendations on fibre choice, makes us the natural partner for teams that seek to push the boundaries of rigging technology. In turn, the IMOCA 60 fleet presents the ideal test bed for Future Fibres and a corner stone for our ongoing search for the rigging solutions of tomorrow.

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