Keepin It Tidy

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SOAK, a new company based in the US has come to market with a solution to an ago old problem. The SOAK Halyard Clip is used on any boat that does not disconnect their spinnaker halyard while sailing upwind.  It takes the place of tape or carabineers to hold the spinnaker halyard out of the way and prevent the spinnaker from pulling out of the boat.  When it comes time for the spinnaker launch, the Halyard Clip automatically releases with the pressure of the hoist.  That way, nobody needs to remember to un-clip it.

Skip Dieball, 2009 US SAILING Championship of Champions winner comments: “I first used the Halyard Clip at the Texas Lightning Districts in Houston. It was great! Not only did it work as described by Andrew, but it allowed us to go into the top mark with one less item on our mental check list. Fantastic innovation!”

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  Comments: 3

  1. I just used one of these at a weekend regtta on a j22. It works so well, I am considering trying a second clip to keep the topping lift out of my way during the tacks!

  2. Any distributors in Europe? Looks like a pretty cool idea for the Platu 25 type of boat.

  3. Contact Andrew- His contact information is on SOAK's website: