Thinking outside the box

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Ryan from West Marine Rigging has his thinking cap on:

I have been throwing some ideas back and forth with Skip Mattos of Harken, trying to improve and simplify existing systems on boats, and also come up with new ideas. One thing that sailor’s have always been known for is finding existing products, and using them in unique ways that they might not have been intended to be used for at design time. Instead of designing and creating a custom item, it is cheaper and easier to make what is available work to our advantage.

One idea that came out of our “brainstorming sessions” is to use Harken’s Small Boat Underdeck Furler as a staysail furler.

Rather than having a custom furler unit mounted below deck, or use a continuous line furler that lives on the furled sail, this unit could be installed where a padeye previously would have been. The furling line could be led below deck to wherever would be best for its exit and use, such as the pit, or by the mast. The tack point could either be a quickpin, or the sail could have a small snap shackle such as a Tylaska T-5 as it’s tack point for quick attachment of the sail.

Let us know what you think, or if you have any questions about your boats deck and rigging layout, racer, cruiser or anything in between.

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