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(Source: Bella Mente Racing)

Just a quick overview. We were sailing well and the race was going according to plan. Ian Moore was happy with our positioning and the team was working well. Most of the systems were working well and we have some good ideas as to how to refine them.

Sometime yesterday afternoon, we were sailing upwind, on port tack in about 18-20 knots of wind. Conditions were lumpy but we had seen some rougher seas earlier. We came off one wave too many and the mast came crashing down. I looked up just as it collapsed. All our hearts sank when that happened. We did a quick check to make sure everyone was ok and then set forward to start assessing and cleaning the mess. The rig fell to leeward and broke in several pieces on the way down. It all quickly went between the keel and rudder and was banging on the hull. We made the decision to cut the mast away and limit damage to the boat. John Von grabbed the grinder and made quick work of all the rigging. Last to go was the headstay, and it then all sank pretty quickly. We set about setting up a jury rig to help us get to Ensenada where we picked up more fuel and continued onto Mission Bay.

So now we will sit down and make a decision as to the next step to be able to sail Transpac. The next couple of days will be key for us into getting onto the right path.

Many people are asking us what broke. It is very difficult to tell, but at this point, it is either a spreader failure or spreader root failure. That seems to be where most people saw the rig go.

Stay tuned for more!


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