Bella Mente Update: Not done yet.

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(Source: Bella Mente Racing)

We’ve now had a few days to decompress and reassess. The good news is that we will be sailing in the Transpac. We have started the process of building a new rig. The Team is full go and Hap is exicted to take on this new challenge. We are working hard on the delivery date so that it is adequate and we can be ready for Transpac and not be completely burned out by the time the start rolls along.

The work list is large and daunting but we feel confident that we will be able to have the boat ready for Transpac. Although we did not get to sail as much as we had planned to, we still got a good feel for what needs to be done to the boat. Our bunk system needs to be improved, our stacking system is not bad but also needs some polishing, more weight needs to get pulled from the boat…

We will announce in a few days who will be building our new mast and when we plan on sailing again.

Thanks for everyone’s well wishes and help.


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