Tickled up

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The Southern Wind 78 ‘All Smoke’ has been refitted in time for the 2011 season. She is now sporting a new boom from Hall Spars (they broke the old one at the Maxi Worlds 2010) and a full set of carbon rigging from Future Fibres, replacing their rod.

The vertical is a single element with removable diagonal. The tips are inserts with a single fore and aft pin. There seems to be very little trade off in terms of frontal area compared to a fully continous system but retaining the benefit of being able to replace / remove the D’s if required. Tidy.



  Comments: 6

  1. diagonals look very chunky at upper ends! the diagonal junction is different to southerns.

  2. Its a southern rig……….. external tangs.

  3. Tips look better than a standard tip cup solution. Do you have any more close up shots of those? Do we know what material the tips are?

  4. nice, looks a whole lot better than the ec6 option where you have to drag those big cones around.

  5. Close ups please!

  6. Well Done A+