2011 Dyneema® Experience Team ready to set sail

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Forty performance cruiser skippers will receive new ropes for their running rigging after being selected for the 2011 Dyneema® Experience Team blogging competition run by DSM Dyneema and its partners. The new ropes are of course made with Dyneema®.

“We received a huge number of entries for the competition, but these fanatic sailors proved the best at demonstrating their enthusiasm for sailing, their engagement with social media and their ability to haul in as many online crew members as possible,” says Noud Steffens, Marketing Manager for Fiber Solutions at DSM Dyneema.

“We had to make some difficult decisions to get down from around 500 original entrants to the 40 sailors we finally chose. We now have a great selection of teams from all over the globe, with all sorts of experience, and we’re preparing for a great sailing summer!”

“Some of the winners are competing in championships and others in weekend races. Some are aiming to cross the Atlantic Ocean and others sailing in the Caribbean, etc. If you want, you can ofcourse approach them via their social media channels and ask them questions about their new ropes. All types of boats are part of the Experience.”

DSM Dyneema and its partners are out visiting the winners to install the new rigging. “Each boat will receive new ropes made with Dyneema® made by our partners,” says Steffens. “We have some excellent partners on the job, and we expect to have everything ready in May. Via this route, we would like to thank all partners who supported us and our sailors to be ready to set sail.”

The lucky team members will soon be getting out on the water, putting the new rigging through its paces and blogging all about it. Social media like Facebook (www.facebook.com/sailingwithdyneema) and Twitter (#DET2011) are excellent ways for people to get information that matters to them, direct from the source, says Steffens.

“Our winning skippers are going to have fun, because Dyneema® is a fantastic product for rigging, it’s extremely strong and really light,” he says. “It’s great for all types of sailing, and we want as many people to know about it as possible! It delivers great performance in races where every second counts, but if you’re crossing the Atlantic you can be sure that you’re safe.“

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