Tick Tock – Bella Mente Update

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I know we have been slow on the news lately but we are working on the “behind the scenes” stuff. In the works are a new website and equipment so that we can update the blog during Transpac.
We should be able to get daily updates on the site and the occasional photo up while we are racing.

On the boat front, Pirate has been real busy keeping the work progressing on the Bella Mente in San Diego. The construction of the new rig is coming along nicely. In a few more weeks we will be able to start getting our hands on it for some assembly and getting familiar with it.

When going offshore it is good to have different people familiar and comfortable with different systems on the boat. So Pirate and I will know the rig inside and out as well as all the rigging on the boat. John Von has the winch systems down. Thomas, is our composites and general fix it man. The list goes on like this. This allows us to maintain and repair items as we race.

The new boat is also coming along. The decisions are finally coming to a close and the first signs of construction are visible.

Stay tuned,


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