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(Source: Colligo Marine)
Colligo Marine Rigs Open 60 Monohull with Colligo Dux Synthetic Rigging.
US synthetic rigging manufacturer Colligo Marine has rigged the first open 60 monohull with Colligo Dux Synthetic Standing Rigging. The boat, an older vintage Open 60, rigged in Australia, is planned to be campaigned and cruised, wordwide.

The synthetic standing rigging on “Gusto”, represents the biggest challenge, to date, for Colligo Marine’s Colligo Dux Rigging Product. John Franta of Colligo Marine states, “This open 60 utilizes a hydraulic mast ram to get high static loads, or pretension on the rig. Working with the designer we we able to design around the high static loads for creep and even factored in the long term dynamic loads as this boat will be doing ocean crossings. Creep will not be an issue and stretch will be less than the previous rod rigging. In addition, we used covered Colligo Dux Rigging so this rig should last 15 years or more in the tropics, talk about value!”.

The Colligo Dux Synthetic rig saves an estimated 45 kgs and increases the rig stiffness (righting moment) by 196 kg-m says Tim Edkins, the owner of the boat. Tim also says, “The dux is a good addition to a carbon rig saving significant weight on SS (rod rigging) & with out the price tag of the likes of PBO. The rig is very stable and controllable in the boat so clearly it is locked down with no give.”

Colligo estimates the cost at 1/3 that of PBO Synthetic Standing Rigging.

John adds, ” We have rigged a lot of cruising monohulls with our standing rigging and have really just started getting into the monohull racing market. This Open 60 is a testimony that Colligo Dux Rigging works, even for the most demanding of boats on the water. Applying our research and knowledge into using Dyneema based products for standing rigging is key. Stay tuned for more on this boat!”

Our local rigger in Sydney Australia is Strongrope, See them at Strongrope.com.

See the latest in Synthetic Rigging and Furling Systems at colligomarine.com.


  Comments: 1

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