Listen to your rigger

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A nice story about how sound, professional advise can save you a lot of money in the long run.

(Source: mysailing)

We recently spent a couple of weeks in a boat yard getting some great upgrades done to Liberty. Before getting started on the jobs we wanted to have done, Mike Meer, a professional rigger, came aboard and gave us a courtesy rigging inspection. My husband, Ty, regularly inspects our rigging himself, but he was more than happy to have a pair of expert eyes take a look.

Mike told us that one of the main challenges he faces is owners who don’t know their boat’s rigging history. That wasn’t a problem for us: We knew Liberty had had a nearly complete refit in 2001, including replacing all of the standing rigging except the mast and boom.

While we’ve put a lot of miles on her in the nearly seven years we’ve owned her, the rigging has stood up quite well.

Mike confirmed this, but zeroed right in on the bronze eye jaw toggles attached to the chainplates at the bottom of the forestay and backstay. “These look like original equipment,” he said. “You really should replace them.”

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  Comments: 1

  1. Equiplite Europe has nice models 🙂