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(Source: West Marine Rigging)
Some of you may have seen our “integrated” soft shackle on a halyard in the past. We recently had a customer looking to use it in a new capacity, so we made some trial pieces, tested them, and have now sent them out to be used. We will post pictures of them in use in the future.

They are pigtails for asymmetrical spinnaker sheets. Having a pigtail on your sail helps the sail around the headstay in an inside jibe. The classic setup is a strop off the sail that the two sheets shackle onto. This certainly accomplishes the job, but we figured it would be much better if it was all dyneema, with minimal “bumps”, shackles or obstructions to bind up. We came up with the Y pigtail, using integrated soft attachments 3 or so feet up the legs so that when the Y came to the headstay, it was all just dyneema core.

The whole assembly gets “luggage tagged” onto the sail.
The two legs brummel together into one leg going to the sail.

Each sheet, with just an eye in the end ( NO HARDWARE!) gets attached with the integrated soft attachment


  Comments: 4

  1. is already use for years by top riggers. Not hot news..

    Equiplite NS connectors we are using many years now and are really great stuf.

  2. @12:37. but that still got metal part in it. Thats so yesterday.

  3. If you know how you need to use a fibre! , than you will understand way the Alu. body is including.

  4. a little silly if you ask me. How does a pigtail help the sheet come around the mast again? I understand the need for abrasion resistant dyneema at the clew, But why create a split in the sheet a few feet further back than it normally is, it is just more line to sheet in.