FACEBOOK TOP 20 – September 2011

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Here it is, the ‘Rigging News Facebook Top 20’ for September 2011! We had lots of positive feedback on this feature and hence we will be publishing this chart on a monthly basis.

So, who were the big movers and shakers in August? First of all we have to acknowledge the ‘new entries’. Sail22 (straight in at No.3!) and Marlow Ropes (17th) are clearly not new to Facebook but were missed out in our first edition of the Facebook Top 20. Welcome and apologies for not featuring you in August!

Secondly, it’s interesting to look at the top gainers of ‘fans’. The top 5 this month are:

1. Harken – 122 New Fans (1st overall)
2. Rigging News – 58 New Fans (6th overall)
3. Southern Spars – 57 New Fans (5th overall)
4. Greement Courant – 45 New Fans (13th overall)
5. SailRacingParts – 33 New Fans (24th overall)

Rigging’s presence on Facebook is slowly moving in the right direct. None of the Top 30 companies / suppliers we are tracking reported a ‘loss’ of fans this month, with the notable exception of Selden Masts (from 9th and 322 ‘fans’ to 26th and 40 ‘fans’). We can only put this down to an anomaly in the August ranking.

The threshold for the Top 20 is now at 129 ‘fans’, 36 up from last month. The battle for the final, 20th place is fierce; there are only 30 fans separating 20th to 25th place and there are a number of big ‘gainers’ in that bunch.

Keep the feedback / suggestions coming!


  Comments: 2

  1. West Marine Rigging – Newport

    We made a late month push to get over 130 here at West Marine Rigging in Newport, RI! Guess we were a little too late. We look forward to getting back on next month!


  2. Thanks for including us! We're thrilled to be in the #3 spot at Sail22!!!