Tail of two boats

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(Source: strongRope Australia)

The following two yachts could not be more different, one is a restored 100 yr old gaff cutter the other an ultra light weight modern fast cruiser. What they share in common is two owners who are both sailing professionals and whose opinions can be regarded as very objective.

Acrospire has had all her standing rigging replaced with strongRope Dux cables. All were terminated to standard marine turnbuckles, in all 20 pieces. Her owner, respected Melbourne sailmaker Col Anderson takes up the story…. “First race yesterday and 35 minutes late for start, as no motor to get there. We were super quick and still finished 10 minutes in front of Mercedes 111 to take line honours. Boat is much stiffer with the lighter rigging so very happy.”

More from Col and Acrospire a year later; “The performance of Ack with the lighter rigging in heavier air is amazing. We can carry full main and outer jib in 20 knots where before we struggled with a reef and outer jib. Boat does not heel out of the tacks and accelerates instead of staggering. Very happy.”

 A recent launch of a beautiful Xavi Cardell designed 38’ light displacement sloop with Dynex Dux standing rigging in Argentina has caught some attention. The boat, built by the Astilleros Aries yard in Buenos Aries, is owned by Mr Nacho Postigo. Nacho is the current director of the Audi Med Cup, navigator for the Italian AC team Luna Rossa and closely involved in the Wally yacht race scene and is well qualified to make an objective judgement.

 His comments?, ” I have had to hear a lot of people telling me for the last two years not to go this way and suggesting me to stay with convention and I have to say with a few miles under the keel I am very pleased with the product and some of the sceptical have had to eat their words.

Pushing the boat to the limit of loosing the steering (90º TWA with around 10 kts) with plenty of canvas up and some backstay tension did not leave our leeward shrouds loose and they were fully tight under these conditions, proving there was no stretch on the windward rigging at all, so far the impression has been very, very positive.”

The rigging resulted in a weight savings total of 79.2 lbs (36 kgs) with 66 lbs (30 kgs) of that above the deck. The cost of the rigging was essentially the same as the estimate for rigging with steel wire rope and turnbuckles. It was also stronger, lighter and a fraction of the cost of other synthetic alternatives. The shrouds and backstay were supplied calibrated and ready to install by Mike Strong of Strongrope in Australia. Comprised of overbraided Dynex Dux in 9 mm with Colligo Line Terminators, the rigging uses lashings instead of turnbuckles (although rigging screws could also have been used) thru a double spreader rig, two sets of uppers and a set of lowers.

After a year Nacho has this to say about his rig….”neither the south hemisphere sun, nor the sailing has affected the rigging and so far I do not feel like I have to re-tune or re-tighten the rigging, so all in all I am still a very happy customer!

Changing a heavy rig to strongRope light weight Dux cables is the most effective change, both in terms of cost and performance, that can be made to a yacht, contact strongRope for further information.

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