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Plenty new from Equiplite:

TS 5 LION. It`s what makes a top swivel, a top swivel

The specially designed top swivel 5 LION can now hold the halyard without the need for additional connectors. A halyard swivel will no longer be necessary. Saving weight and money while improving safety aspects.
The weight of a 16T MWL. (BL. 32T) top swivel 5 LION is only 1,1 kg. Not only is it based on the rock solid FS foundation that promises an unparalleled stability and weight to strenght ratio, it also delivers an incredible increase in performance, maximizes luff lengths and employs the latest industry leading technology for super yacht standards.

Wood expanding the range of Equiplite™.

Combining ‘’High-Tech’’ with ‘’Old School’’…. Are these technological developments the answer for the new classics of today?

It`s commonly known that our design of the fiber loop 99% is self aligning. Equiplite™ products employ the properties of Dyneema and thanks to the exclusive HTR treatment performed by Gottifredi Maffioli, DSK’s 75-78 ULTRA are an amazing combination of lightness, durability, tremendous strength and extremely low stretch. Equiplite™ quick loops are 15 times stronger than stainless steel fittings.

The advantages of 100 years:

– An all new type bearing
– reduced friction to 94% efficiency
– increased radial and axial loads
– reduced weight by 75%

Fibre loops

– 15 times stronger than stainless steel
–  correct fair lead
– quick and easy to operate [through Patt. Quickloop]
– Compacter body
– reduced windage
– save weight up to 75% [compared to similar blocks]

Custom becomes the new standard…

 More and more we see blocks connected with additional loops, dog-bone constructions, lashings and again stainless steel shackles lowering the effectiveness of soft loop attachments.
Now customers are discovering the possibilities of
custom loop snatch blocks. With no additional
connections needed, custom loops will result in
improved safety and a more stable system.

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