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(Source: APS)
APS Karver Optimist Mainsheet System

Combine Karver KBO blocks with our APS Dyneema Shackle loops for a lightweight, low friction system that you can easily convert for a 4:1 to a 2:1 just by detaching the DSL and letter the lower blow drop to the deck.

The same system can be used to make a 3:1 covert to a 2:1 for stronger sailors – just remove the lower block and tie your mainsheet off to the shackle loop.
For the 4:1 system you will need 3 KBO2 blocks, 1 DSL, and a non-tapered mainsheet like Buzz or Rooster line. (The thick part of the tapered mainsheet is too wide to fit in these ultra slim blocks.)


  Comments: 1

  1. How do you get the top block off the bridle with one hand? Can it be done easily and quickly?