What is it?

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Hmmm – the decals in the background is somewhat a giveaway… Details anyone?


  Comments: 12

  1. Future Fibres VOR70 rigging on a Hall Spars Spreader?

  2. No chance FF VO70 rigging is way smaller…plus it actually looks good

  3. must be Halls, right? Was this at Monaco?

  4. Does the silicone add to the windage reduction??? What size is this stuff being built to?

  5. Reinier Persenaire

    It's Hall Spars' new type carbon foil rigging

  6. I smell a patent law suit!!!
    Pretty sure EC6 has patent on continuous composite side rigging?

  7. Looks cool. Is it on any boats yet? BR, Ben

  8. Continuous SCR airfoil with some crazy e hall spreader mod.

  9. A really bad copy of something else..

  10. A joke?

  11. Why is everyone so negative and 'Anonymous'? Looks the same as Future Fibres and Carbo-Link. Is their system a joke too?


  12. Its SCR airofoil discont rigging from Hall Spars

    Hall Spars Holland