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Germanischer Lloyd certificate for Carbo-Link rigging cables

Carbo-Link has been awarded with the Germanischer Lloyd certification. The “Guideline for the Type Approval of Carbon Strand and PBO Cable Rigging for Sailing Yachts” is the newest and most reliable technical standard for shrouds and stays of artificial fibres. “We are happy to have achieved this approval without any problems. This gives us an independent verification of the suitability of our products and the qualification to also equip superyachts with our Carbon Rigging” states Dr. Andreas Winistoerfer, CEO of Carbo-Link.

The certificate

For the impact test, the carbon cables must resist the damage caused by a falling blade. The frictional compatibility of the carbon rods is examined by means of the chafe test. A spinnaker sheet rubbing on the shrouds generates heat, against which the fibres have to be resistant. That chafe is no problem at all for carbon cables, is proved by the fact, that even the location, where the rope should have caused the chafe damage, couldn’t be detected on the uncovered carbon cables after performing the chafe tests.

The fatigue test scrutinizes the long-term cyclic loading of the material. The cable is clamped in a test setup which is used to induce a tensile force corresponding to the maximum working load of the material. The cables must withstand up to 100’000 load cycles. At the end of the fatigue test, the maximum tensile strength is determined.


Carbo-Link received the Germanischer Lloyd approval for cables between 4.6 ton and 113 tons working load. “We chose this large range of cables in order to be able to supply superyachts with our rigging. If we need to supply yachts with even bigger cables, we can expand this range with a small number of tests.” explains Dr. Arne Guelzow, the person at Carbo-Link responsible for the GL tests. Carbo-Link is staying ahead of other composite rigging suppliers concerning the working load. Furthermore, a safety factor of just 2.35 was achieved, highlighting the superior material and fatigue properties of the cables produced by Carbo-Link.

Furthermore, Carbo-Link achieved the German Lloyd certificate with custom made titanium end fittings allowing them to also use intermediate cable sizes out of the cable range. “We were able to exactly explain and prove the design and calculation of our end fittings. This allows us to tailor the cables and end fittings to exactly the required properties (stiffness and working loads). The clients do not have to take the next bigger cable out of the cable range with unnecessary large chunky end fittings”, explains Guelzow.

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