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This time from Hall Spars president, Eric Hall:

Puma Rig Loss
(November 22, 2011 – Bristol, RI) — The news yesterday that Puma’s Mar Mostro lost her rig was devastating for all on the Puma team. Hall is working closely with the crew, the rig designer Scott Ferguson, and standing rigging supplier Southern Spars to get to the root cause of the dismasting. Collectively, we will take every measure to prevent its recurrence.

This is the same team of experts that produced the highly acclaimed rig for Telefonica in the last Volvo Race. Puma’s mast was a careful evolution of that rig and has seen tens of thousands of miles of tough service, including a Transatlantic-winning effort earlier this year.

The spare mast was quickly prepared for shipping yesterday at Hall’s Bristol, RI, factory. It will be picked up today and trucked to JFK Airport in NY in time to beat the Wednesday-Sunday Thanksgiving holiday ban on commercial trucking in the U.S. The mast is scheduled to reach Cape Town coincident with the arrival of the Puma team.

“We’re doing everything in our power to get Puma back in the race as quickly as possible,” says Eric Hall, President of Hall Spars. “We are in continual communication with the shore team, and we will have everything in place in Cape Town to ensure that the mast replacement goes as smoothly as possible. The resilience of the Puma team is extraordinary and our thoughts are with them as they make the difficult journey into port.”

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  Comments: 6

  1. Wow – Am I sensing a 'coming out' party?! Just need SS to drop a high profile rig now to see how they handle the press! Very impressed with FF (Azzam) and Hall (Puma). Good stuff guys – rare to see suppliers to face up!


  2. I didn't read anybody facing up to anything… Hall just said that they were looking "to get to the root cause of the dismasting"… He also made a point of mentioning that the standing rigging supplier was Southern Spars… Finger pointing is the next step.

  3. Agreed, this brief is full of fluff. They already know what went wrong but most likely it will be kept as a type of trade secret..n.this has happened before this race as I remember with Silk Cutt.

    My guess with both of the recent VOR rig failures is some new fittings or standing rigging that got added for this first leg…may even be the same shit that broke with Abu Dabai. Will be interesting to see what happens with the 3 remaining boats and if they slow up…I would think that they are a bit concerned now that 2 rigs are down.

  4. If the Telefonica rig was so highly acclaimed then why did they go for a Southern Spars rig this time round???

  5. Good questions. How do we get answers? We need some guest editorials if the Rigging News Editor is not doing it…

  6. Remember the leg from Singapore to Quingdao leg 4 in the privious Volvo ocean race and you will find out how good the rig of the Telefonica was.