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Equiplite fires into the Top Down Torsional market with this free floating tack adaptor for their furling units. TDT in action here:


  Comments: 8

  1. Is this stuff working? I have heard 50-50 mixed responses? Anyone have any experience?

  2. Works best on an A3 sail…. (advice from North Sails group of companies)

  3. shit that is quick. Who made the cable?

  4. Not know about the cable but fairly sure it's not a Karver lower unit. This vid has been around a little longer than Karvers adaptor.

  5. I think this is a video of Leopard 100' er. If I am not mistaken the unit actually a KZ marine furling unit. Not sure on the cable manufacturer though. Guesses either Smart or Futures. First time I have seen this video though and shit that is quick. Puts the cup guys to shame. No more chase boat drops???


  6. that boat is Singularity, Lutra 80 down in OZ. TDT furling gear from KZ and cable from Future Fibres. What do I win?

  7. This system was already tried on 60 feet.I'm sailmaker and i can tell you that when it works that's fine (not often!), but when you have to do it whith a deep A2 or in windy conditions….good luck! It's just a drama! It cans furll with big pockets who can blow up.

  8. All the Wallys are converting to this for both racing and cruising. Somewhere there is footage of Saudade W 148' furling their kite at the Worlds this year – super quick and tidy. Looks to be a technique thing to make it work AND having the right gear. Its not for everyone – there is some thinking required which again is not for everyone….