Star Rigging – Perth Style

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(Source: APS) Former APS
employee Ian Coleman is down in Perth, Western Australia getting ready
for the ISAF Worlds. Racing with Andrew Campbell in the Star Fleet, the skipper
and crew want to do well. If they do, they will have the opportunity to
represent the US in the London Olympics in summer 2012.

Sailing at such a
high level all the time wreaks havoc on rigging. For example, Ian estimates all
of the Star’s running rigging needs to be replaced twice a year, which for them
means 2-3 major events including at least 1 week (often times more) of practice
leading up to each event… Most of these events take a week or more. To make
a long story short – let’s just say, this isn’t your grandmother’s

To be sure all their rigging is up to the task for the big
event, Ian worked to put together some control lines, sheets, and running
rigging for the boat. Here’s what he came up with:

Fine Tune Backstay
5:1 and Checkstay 4:1

Ian used two colors of 1/4″ Marlow Excel Fusion, Harken Hardware, and custom made DSL Attachments to make these examples of the Star’s control
lines. Fusion was chosen because it’s easy on the hands. We’re not
sure if skipper Andrew Campbell wears gloves – but if he goes au naturel, we
know why this is a top choice line for him. If feels that good. It also has
low stretch, low creep – and is

Jib Sheets

FSE Robline Dinghy Star was chosen for the jib sheets because
it has the lowest stretch available in this diameter line. It’s also the most
abrasion-resistant. This Star program involves racing in 25 – 30 kts regattas
often. These sheets will last 3 or 4 regattas, whereas other line choices would
blow out after one. Few lines wear out as quickly as jib sheets on a Star, and
these sheets were made with that in

Runner Tail

Maffioli DSK-75 Race PC was chosen for the runner tail because
of it’s low stretch. It also runs really well – it comes off the reel pretty
stiff and has less of a tendency to hockle.

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