Team Sanya Lan – Future Fibres statement

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(Source: Future Fibres) First thing yesterday morning Team Sanya´s VO70, Sanya Lan, reported to the Volvo Ocean Race headquarters that they had suffered damage to an intermediate diagonal shroud and were heading to southern Madagascar in order to assess the damage and make a repair plan. All the team is safe and well and no one has been injured. The situation is fully under control with the mast still intact and the boat is able to sail to shore unassisted.

A full investigation is under way to establish the cause of the diagonal failure. The CMS lateral rigging system on Sanya Lan is new, state-of-the-art technology but has been through extensive in-house testing over the last two years. It has also been through an on-the-water testing programme in the 12 months leading up to the start of the Volvo Ocean Race. The Sanya Lan rigging was carefully checked in Cape Town prior to the start of this leg.

“We are naturally gutted for the team and are currently working closely with them to review the options,” commented Tom Hutchinson, founder of Future Fibres. “The plan is to send a team of technicians to meet the boat in Port D’Ehoala, Madagascar and install a new set of lateral rigging. This is going to involve a great deal of hard work over the Christmas period. We have started production of the cables and parts and are currently working on the logistics of getting the technical team and equipment to Madagascar. However, our priority is to get the boat back in the race as soon as possible.”


  Comments: 19

  1. Wonder if this changes their thinking on the Abu Dhabi failure??

  2. Or if they'll give the full story regarding the D's on Abu you mean?

  3. "A full investigation is under way"…blah blah blah

  4. Hand bags at dawn? Thats right, the sun must be rising in NZ about now…

    Pack it in girls!

  5. In a different context I'd still buy Future's stuff. Who else would be able to fit a completely different rigging system in 2 weeks from catastrophe no matter where you are in the world? May have issues with the product but man, you have to give credit to those boys.

  6. Do the math – the rig fell over on day one of the race (5th Nov), they (FF) replaced it in Capetown and they went sailing on the (11th Dec)….4 weeks +

  7. i'd prefer to have a full set coiled up nicely in my airfreight container all ready to go anywhere……… let's see how long Sanya takes to get to their next stop? Those guys must be kicking themselves they didn't change their rigging as Abu dhabi did.

  8. pretty obvious the testing needs a bit of a review. 2 sets of this stuff down in two legs – perhaps a mast interface issue – who built Sanya's rig?

  9. Now it gets interesting! Who of you gentlemen readers of this blog is able to tell us how long would it take to Southern and Carbo-link to deliver a new set of VO70 side rigging plus spreader modifications starting from zero?

  10. shouldn't break in the first place – right?

  11. obviously realy well tested ??1 .not

  12. i would prefer to have a set of rigging made up and ready to go anywahere … this used to work in the past quite well

  13. Is the FF carbon rod much cheaper than the SS EC6 or the Carbolink??

  14. Man. Bet ya there's some soul searching going on at that rigging supplier right now. I make it none from 3 so far. Broke mast, broke rigging, yup good testing programme guys. I notice even the official statement takes the opportunity to boast that their product is state of the art….good timing, yup we were all thinking that too!

  15. Anonymous comment like the above should be banned because you are clearly a pussy and a sock puppet. I just wonder which rigging company CEO has their hand up your arse?!


    p.s. No, I don't work for Future Fibres.

  16. LOL – socket puppet, thats a good one ! DAVE….. if your so brave to rag on others about being anonymous, what's ya last name Dave..or it that "Dave Anonymous" ?

  17. are any of you getting anything out off kissing bosses companies or your own arses,

  18. I would like to start by saying that this has been an incredibly unfortunate couple of instances for FF and the two teams with their rigging and mast package at this time. I have to aggree that the timing in relation to the amount of promotion is not great, but Let's just take a minuet out before every one starts slamming FF.
    FF maybe a relatively new player in the mast business but they have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the rigging department. The team behind FF are not new to this and The guys and girls behind the scenes have been working for some other well established and high profile mast and rigging companies.
    We must also remember that FF are not the only company to suffer failier this year. In this race, we may remember another team lost there mast in relatively benign conditions. And that mast company have been around for a life time. Another company to suffer a catastrophic failure of there mast, happened on salperton, a particularly well maintaind yacht, I am aware that future supplied the rigging but it is generally believed that it was mast failure and not rigging that caused the collapse.
    Looking to the future,( no pun intended ) i believe having another mast manufacture in the mix can only be a good thing for all of us. Competition is good for development. With out it progress becomes stagnant.
    With that in mind, i have to think as unfortunate as all of the incidence abover are bad, ultimately it can only be good for the sport. Finding the limits and helping to further the designs that eventually find there way on to the yachts of the weekend sailor.
    Before I get a backlash or such, I have to add that I don't work for Future Fibers, nor do I have anything to do with them in any other area.
    If someone disagrees with some or all of what I have said, then that is fine, but these are my opinions and mine alone. I don't wish to get in to an argument, I just wished to bring some other points to light.

    Thank you, Nick…