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We’ve been asked to recommend a running rigging manufacturer with the best suitable product for this beautiful 1910 built, 15 meter gaff rigged sloop. Comment below!


  Comments: 9

  1. Ciao,
    the Maffioli DSK 75 OLD STYLE LINE may be a good options ,and the rigger can use turk's head or other decoratives knot to create a vintage look to a hight-tech cordage.

  2. Not a chance, Giancarlo!
    You would NEVER rig a wooden made Gaff Cutter with Dyneema® (except Spin sheets & some lashings, loops, etc…) You would tear it all apart if so! Polyester is the stuff por that kind of boat!
    Have a look on our website in the "Réalisations" section… (in french, but the images speak for themselves…)

  3. Hi Luis,
    you are totally right by mistake i wrote dsk, but the OLD STYLE poly 912 might do the job.wood likes some streching
    I did check your website ,great stuff!

  4. name to be announced

    they are specialists for traditional yachts and in particular rigging. Give them a call and ask for advice.

  5. contact RSB rigging http://www.rsb-rigging.com
    they really know what they are doing

  6. Speak to Pachi at Trabacos and Cabos, Palma De Mallorca. They specialise in Traditional Style Rigging…

  7. Gleistein has some really nice stuff for classic boats as well..

  8. trabajos en cabos is speciliazed in standding and running rigging for classic boat with the best result in the classic circuit the last two years with she create special series of classic line
    contact jean-michel