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(Source: King Composite)Last month King Composite shipped to Uruguay two beautiful Furling Booms: one 16.5mts & the other 14.0mts in length for the Doña Francisca, a 172 foot Javier Soto Acebal classic Schooner.

When we first started with this project, the goal was to get the sail to furl around the main as compactly as possible. “This was the base for the shape design, the philosophy of which was to reach the ideal equilibrium between a classic style and performance,” said Guillermo Ponzinibbio, Project Manager in Valencia. “We had several meetings with Matt Bridge from Doyle, Chris Mitchell from AES and Bernard Van Vliet from NSM in an effort to improve the geometry, hydraulic details and structure.” The key feature in the new design was the combination between style, hydraulic engine in the inboard end, and a minimum volume in the light shell structure.

After several months of design and floor work, King Composite is proud to ship these two detail-perfect Booms, the result of a team of professionals.

We would like to thank the owner of the boat, Juan Carlos Lopez Mena, who once again placed his trust in KING COMPOSITE.

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