Carbon Rigging – Q & A

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There is a growing number of carbon rigging manufacturers
adding not only competition to an already competitive market but also accelerating
development of new and existing systems at
a more rapid pace than ever.

 With companies pushing the envelope to have the smallest,
lightest, stiffest yet safest system on the market, it’s wrong to think all carbon
rigging is the same. Varying from construction technique to core fiber
modulus, the resulting rigging systems are as different as the producers
approach to the markets – from Grand Prix race boats to Superyachts.

Rigging News recently contacted all the major carbon
rigging manufacturers with the same 10 questions about their company,
product, application and landmark projects.

Over the next few weeks we will publish
each profile of the companies that have chosen to participate. Posting in the
order received, Carbo – Link will make a start tomorrow in what will, no doubt,
be an interesting series of articles. Enjoy!

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