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NEX STR: New range of Profurl stayfurlers

(Source: ProFurl) Following the launch of its new range of flying sail furlers called NEX, Profurl has developped a new range of stayfurlers called NEX STR. Initially reserved for the sailing elite (60’ open, ORMA multihulls), stayfurlers are becoming increasingly common on a variety of sailing boats: cruisers, racers, regatta boats & one-designs, day boats.

NEX STR overview:
> 5 standard models available: NEX STR 4.0, 5.0, 8.0, 10.0 and 12.0
> Upper size models available on request: NEX STR 16.0, 20.0, 30.0 and 40.0
> Optimal size and weight for a great performance
> Various end fittings available for every kind of deck layout
> The greased-immersed systems are watertight and require no maintenance.
> 3 year Profurl worldwide warranty

The mail benefits of the NEX STR:> Replacing aluminium extrusions with Kevlar or PBO fiber cables significantly reduces weight
> Optimizing the size and weight of the mechanisms maximizes luff and reduces weight considerably.

Safe, easy to use and comfort> The SMART LOCK system enables locking the cable and prevents accidental dismantling without hindering the pin rotation. Entirely integrated into the stayfurler mechanism, the system also prevents adjacent lines from jamming. Available in fork versions.
> The SAFE SYSTEM on NEX STR stayfurlers allows you to immobilize the furling line when unfurling, thus avoiding accidents and injuries
> All furling and unfurling is done from the cockpit.
> The overall weight reduction improves both safety and comfort when sailing

Retail price: from 3827,20 euros including VAT (France)

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