One stoked rigger.

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Ryan Nelson from West Marine Rigging in Alameda, California sends us this great write up and pictures of his AC45 expierence in San Diego. Great stuff:

A few months ago I got the dream opportunity to fly down to San Diego to represent GU Energy (one of my sailing team sponsors) in a VIP experience with Team Korea at the Americas Cup World Series. This was a great opportunity for me to share the GU gospel with the top professionals in my industry. As well this was a chance to see the boats that I have been obsessing about for the past year and the chance to meet the guys that have my dream job that I have been obsessing about since I was a kid. Ok Ok you get it! I was stoked!

While I was hanging out with team at their base I took full advantage of my situation and asked a million questions and took a million pictures. I must have asked the right ones, before I knew it I was put to work helping step the wing, prepping sails and loading up the chase boat.

One of many interesting things that I experinced was just when the wing was being lifted by the crane we noticed that one of the carbon shrouds was damaged… Day ender for most programs, not with the ACRM tent across the way. With in ten minutes a shore crew member hopped off his bike with a brand new shroud ready to be lashed on. Very impressive!

I am attaching a bunch of pics of Team Korea’s AC 45 up close. If these pics don’t get your blood flowing then this Rigging News is not the place for you.

Oh yeah did I mention I got to go for a ride on the AC45! No big deal got to go for twenty minute of so ride. The cat did 15 knots in 7-8 knots of wind! When the guys set the code 0 sail, the acceleration was on par with a jet liner taking off! I have felt the jolt before on my 505, laser and Aussie 18, but man this boat keeps accelerating and accelerating!

Ryan Nelson

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