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(Source: Chevalier & Taglang)The good news went a little bit more 2 days ago (Friday 25th May, 2012) from Warkworth, New Zealand: Core Builders Composite has built the first wing of the future America’s Cup defender! It’s the result of 25,000 hours work. It will be soon delivered to San Francisco to be fitted on the Oracle AC72.

The rules for the next Cup require that this carbon-fiber wing has to be dismantled in two separate section of 18 meters long! It is recalled that the wing fitted on the cat must not exceed 40 meters air draft. Following the rule, this spar must be assembled in a limited time to reduce the costs.

Pictures published recently published show the two main sections of the wing forward section on a truck. These images might lead to believe that it could be three flaps wing.

We wait for news with impatience. The America’s Cup rules permit teams to launch their AC72s from July 1st, 2012 onwards.

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