Facebook Top 20 – June 2012

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It’s been a while since we’ve looked at the movers and shakers of the rigging world on Facebook. Well, here it is! There have been a number of position changes in the lower ranks but all in all, the picture remains much the same as it was back in March.
Facebook used to be a good fishing ground for story material for the Rigging News front page but, I am afraid to say, the use of social media by our industry has considerably slowed down over the last few month. There are, for example, some major industry players sitting somewhere round the 40th position with only double digit ‘likes’ to their names and even some in the higher ranks are not receiving many new ‘likes’ as there is nothing new to like! There is definitely a direct link between the rate of new posts and new fans. 
 There are of course notable exceptions and they are reaping the benefits of public affection. Take Future Fibres as an example; they post almost daily and the hard graft is paying off – they just broke into the Top 10. Also, Harken continues to grow and Southern Spars, who is very active, is breathing down our necks in 7th place. Maybe its time for Rigging News to up our game too!
So, to summarise, Harken still leads the way by a considerable margin, Future Fibres breaks into the Top 10 and Southern Spars, Lewmar, Spinlock and APS all gained over 100 new ‘likes’ over the last 3 month.



  Comments: 2

  1. Brittany Alvizo

    Hey there, I'm the Social Media Coordinator for Mauri Pro Sailing. We are not only an online sailing retailer which includes an extensive range of rigging services, but also an international group of passionate sailors who share the goal of providing you with the best sailing information and products around. Just wanted to let you guys know we are on the map!

  2. RSB Rig Pro news

    RSB Rigging also have a fast growing following with 254 likes. We try to post as often as possible with articles on the various regattas and the work that we are undertaking being very well received.