ETNZ AC72 Foiling

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Wow! This shot of the ETNZ AC72 foiling off Auckland was posted in the forums. No further details….. yet!


  Comments: 5

  1. Nice photoshop.

  2. Wishful thinking….. for now.

  3. 5 minutes stable foiling was achieved. If your ac72 is not foiling then you will not be in the game. Talk to any Moth sailor and when on foils speed gains are multiples not percentiles! Enough evidence of teams testing foiled solutions, hard to believe that AC33 is limit of development; natural with budgets and development that ac72 will have capacity to foil at some point. Maybe not initially but the structure of hulls will be incorporated for foils and runner to be exchanged to allow. Not every picture out there is a conspiracy if you did not take it

  4. I took the photograph and if you are interested there are more photo posted on the Anarchy and Sailing World facebooks.

  5. OK…..I believe now.
    Amazing footage out there.
    Seriously impressive.