A monster’s afterlife

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Thanks to Kristian from Chicago Yacht Rigging Inc. for this nice write up of his work on the the mighty ‘Il Mostro’ which has its new home on the Great Lakes:

The VO70 Il Mostro that competed in the 2008 edition of the Volvo Ocean Race came to Chicago this year, and it was a real treat to work on the rigging. In terms of configuration and materials it’s like nothing else we’ve got in town. While the boat came with a truckload of spares, we still got the chance to supply some fun gear, and in doing so learned a ton about whats state of the art (at least circa 2008!) in offshore racing. CYR was happy to supply loads of soft attachements like loops, soft connectors and snatch block stops, as well as odds and ends like Equiplite snatch blocks and an absolutely gorgeous Future Fibres furling stay. A few more projects on the list for this winter, so am definitely looking forward to playing more with my second-favorite cat-themed boat. Heres a few photos of really interesting gear that CYR got to work on.

 Lots going on with this runner block! The boat has top mast backstays, runners, and checkstays. With an inline rig it’s critical these be setup right with the proper tensions for each sail configuration. What I thought was really neat is the top mast attachment (top loops, red) which has 3 different loops put together for different tensions on the topmast stay, to suit different sails. For example, if running the masthead genoa the topmast would be all the way down, but if on a J4 it’s on the loose strop. This puts the tension where it has to be in the rig. Kind of makes the stories about 40 minute gybes in the VOR make sense when you think about the configuring that goes into each part of the boat!


Heres the bottom of the runner tackle. Have to say the most nerve wracking part of my summer was pulling the giant pin that holds all the loops to the transom out, the night before the Queens Cup, wondering how hard it would be to find on the bottom if it went splash! On the right of the runners is the code zero lead. Pretty cool genoa that gets sheeted to the transom and mainsheet traveler! In the background is the soft shackle with carbon dogbone type that was less than easy to install. 4 passes of 9mm loop through a tiny deck passage meant the big big winches got involved! Naturally that was in the dark before the first race.

 Thought this was a really good illustration of how 3d leads work. This system uses a 2:1 in and 2:1 out control, which positions the lead side to side and collectively up and down. Works well assuming your padeyes are in the right spot!
Working on the boat was a hoot, and it’s really pushed me to develop our soft attachments and loops, with the goal of being able to match the heatset loops already available in SWL’s and reliability. It’s also led to getting break numbers on carbon peg dogbones (now available) and to develop CYR’s own aluminum dogbones, which we just received some astonishing break numbers on. Stay tuned for more info on CYR custom products soon!

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