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Dyneema Lifelines…Fully ISAF Legal!

(Source: West Marine Rigging) Well, the ISAF 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing are out, and as promised, Dyneema lifelines are fully legal, and allowed to be hiked off of.

49.2 When lifelines are required by the class rules or the sailing instructions they shall be taut, and competitors shall not position any part of their torsos outside them, except briefly to perform a necessary task. On boats equipped with upper and lower lifelines, a competitor sitting on the deck facing outboard with his waist inside the lower lifeline may have the upper part of his body outside the upper lifeline. If the class rules do not specify the material or
minimum diameter of lifelines, they shall comply with the corresponding specifications in the ISAF Offshore Special Regulations.

As you can see, they removed the wording “of wire”. This is good news for our equipment, wallets, and safety!

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