What is it?!

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We don’t know. Do you!? Thanks to Maverick Mavis in Torrevieja
for the photo.


  Comments: 7

  1. it looks like the Dwinger.
    Apparently she was designed and built at an owner's shipyard under project name Erica XII. Proofed by F.E. Hood. Later fitted with a Dijkstra self-standing rig.
    Air draft is 58m according to gdnp.nl

  2. Looks like an aero rig mono hull either Jaquelina or La Novia hard to tell which one exactly

  3. the yacht is a bit of a mystery, but the rig is an AeroRig.
    additional info found in:

  4. Hull is built in Holland at Royal Huisman. Later on she was refitted with this Dijkstra Aerorig.

  5. She's a super mega fugly…

  6. The rigging would make me think it's more Dijkstra.