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(Source: SD Boatworks) Auto
Trim Headfoil is a new design in headstay foil technology. At half the weight of
other foils on the market the Auto Trim Headfoil reduces healing moment thus
making your boat faster.
proprietary T-shaped luff tape reduces foil loading by evenly distributing load
– thus the foil can be made lighter yet it is actually a stronger system than
its competitors.
Trimming flaps on either side of the foil create a smooth air entry. When the
sail stalls the flaps articulate out away from the sail thus widening the
trimming groove. This technology was borrowed from observing birds. When they
flap their wings upwards the feather tips on the bottom of their wing articulate
down into the stalled area, thus keeping flow attached.
Boatworks is honored to have been chosen to test this prototype technology. You
can follow along on our Facebook Page as we will
post updates each time we do a testing session. Currently we have been sailing
with a single grooved foil on the TP52 “Bud”. Next month we will install a
double groove foil which will allow for quick sail

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