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(Source Equiplite Europe) Autolocks take halyard-lock performance to a new level of simplicity….

Equiplite Europe [under the Sailing Perfection BV Group of companies] launch a new product range, exclusively for Europe.

The release and introduction of a special new product range was held today. Started as a unique
Hall Spars mast builder component… Now, in close cooperation with the manufacturer, we turned this component into a unique separate product. [Product line]

The main change is that the Auto lock will no longer only be a mast builder component which up till now has been integrated in the products of one of the leading rig manufacturers in the world.

We are starting with 4 basic units as a standard product line. More types will gradually expand this in the near future.
4 types:

– Internal lock
– External lock
– Block Lock
– Main Locks

Interesting Link:

AUTOLOCK catalogue

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