Wear ‘n’ tear

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© Tanguy de Lamotte / Initiatives-Coeur

Hi all,

Bad news. This morning, after a good and fast night, I woke up from my third nap with a strange feeling. I did not hear anything specific but something was wrong … after quick checks I look out the window but couldn’t see the gennaker because the mist…
So I went out and I saw the gennaker alongside the boat in the water: the halyard broke and the sail fell off.
It took me two hours to bring it onboard and to put it in the sail locker…
The sail is a little torn but will be reusable. It has not damaged the hydrogenerator which was in the water at this time. To facilitate the operation, I put the boat in front of the wind and the first reef bump broke because of the waves. Because of this, a tear appeared in the mainsail.
This tear is repairable but it won’t allow me to use the full mainsail until then.
I knew something like that should happen to me in the Pacific because I had to have something to remember from this part of the world.
Now I’m going to rest a little.
Everything is under control. I’m sailing to the next door. To be followed…



  Comments: 1

  1. The punishment these boats are seeing are starting to tell their own story. The race is not over yet!