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Since 2005, the La Loupiote crew has performed “Entre Île et Aile” on
hundreds of occasions in harbors around the world. The crew combines lighting,
an original score, and yards of silk fabric for a sunset performance that is
magical. They are currently touring New Zealand. Check it out:


  Comments: 3

  1. WFT Ed. I cannot believe this site now has French acrobats. But then I suppose it is rigging!

  2. WTF Ed. Cannot beleiev we now have to endure French Acrobats on the site!

  3. Rigging Projects

    Send us some proper 'rigging news' or stop your moaning! The yachting industry is pretty slow in recent times. Just go over to Anarchy and count how many 'what is it's?' they've run in the last few month. Space fillers….