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‘Super’ new direction for Spencer Rigging Limited
On 1st July 2013 Spencer Rigging are delighted to be
opening their doors to the Superyacht World again.  The company is no stranger to the elite world of Superyachts.  Everyone
in the industry will remember Harry Spencer, founder of Spencer Rigging, and
his passion for sailing and rigging the biggest and best yachts in the
world.  Now his son Mark Spencer, who is developing the world class
engineering division of the company, welcomes Tim Haynes as a director of
 Spencer Rigging to head up the Superyacht Division.

Mark Spencer says  ‘In many ways Tim
reminds me of my dad: his life is dedicated to his work, his passion for
perfection, his innovative mind and the way he strives to achieve his clients’
wishes, mirrors the way Harry worked and it’s what made Dad successful in the
highly competitive yachting industry.  Tim fits our
company ethos exactly and the newly
formed Superyacht Division will give Spencer Rigging another
dimension to our thriving, progressive business.’   The skills Tim
brings to Spencer Rigging compliment the already excellent skill set within the
company and visa versa. 

Tim Haynes says ‘ I am looking forward to
this new challenge.  I can channel the energy and enthusiasm of the
Spencer company and provide a really superb service for Superyacht
clients.  I will have the time to develop new and exciting projects for
both the superyacht and racing world.’  When not abroad Tim will be based
in the first class Pendennis Shipyard in Falmouth, UK where the links he has
forged remain as strong as ever. 

Tim Paull, who has worked with Tim Haynes for many years, will also be joining Spencer Rigging’s
Superyacht Division.  Tim P will be based out of the Spencer Rigging loft
in Southampton as project manager, but this will not curtail his
worldwide wanderings to successfully complete rigging projects, sometimes in
the most inhospitable of places!  Tim Paull says ‘ this is a very exciting
move for me.  I am looking to improve the service I provide clients, old
and new, using the very effective systems Spencer Rigging have developed; also being part of a larger, world renowned rigging company
is going to be fantastic!’

The whole Spencer Rigging team welcomes Tim
Haynes and Tim Paull;  the two Tims are looking forward to continuing to provide the Superyacht industry with a top
class, innovative service as Spencer Rigging Superyacht Division whilst, of course, keeping the inimitable ‘Tim Haynes

If you have any questions or want to
discuss an Autumn 2013/ Winter 2014 service or refit, please contact Tim on +44
(0)7967 386652 or email either tim(at) or superyachts(a)

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