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(Source: Doyle Rigging Palma) Bob stays for a 40ft Grand Prix race boat. The top sample is the new bobstay I have built, and the bottom sample is the original from the boat. Its hard to see in the photos how different they are but here’s some facts for you. The new one I have built is 6.75mm OD in the center of the bobstay, The old one is 9mm OD in the center.
At the thimble end of each, the new bobstay is 8.5mm OD and the old one is 14mm. The break load difference is good as well, the new bobstay has a break load of 5tns, and the old one has a break load of 2.5 tns. It doesn’t stop there, the weight is different too, the new bob stay weighs 78gms without the lash thimble in it, and the old one weighs 110gms without the lash thimble in it!
 Based on weight saving cost for a formula one car, payload performance is calculated at up to $15000.00 US Dollars per kg, so in Formula one car terms that’s a weight savings cost of $480.00 US dollars, and the whole bobstay didn’t even cost anywhere near that to build!
One last fact, the new bobstay is longer by 100mm as well, so we are lighter, stronger and longer! You just cant beat that!


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  1. mmmm… sounds weird a 9mm rope who has a break load of only 2.5 ton, it should be made of cotton! Anyway, why making a 5 ton break load rope if only half is required? Sounds like it can be made of a 3/4mm rope… saving, let's say another 350.000 USD?? haha

    I'm not sure if numbers are ok but it's a very nice piece of work you have done for sure!!