Size matters.

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(Source: KZ Racefulers) KZ “Xtreme” series is now available at KZ Racefurlers.  For the serious teams that want to take efficiency and weight saving to the next level we will customize our furlers in titanium and 7000 series alloy.  Swivel sizes have decreased and weights have been halved. Check out this photo of a standard KZ10T head swivel at 1597gms vs an Xtreme10 at 788gm. Both have a SWL of 10T but the difference of 809gms is huge.

It all came about when we created the “Top Down” concept of furling downwind sails, initially with the Beau Geste team,  who were looking for large gains over the conventional dropping systems.
The “Top Down” technique has since been well documented, adopted by many, and with some sails never intended.  With top down furling there is a need for greater efficiency, and at KZ the focus is not so much with the technique of furling, but development through engineering concepts of advanced design, material choices, and bearing products.

In furler world, our reference to this nanotechnology is “Xtreme”.

Xtreme commits to these principles delivering smaller, lighter, stronger, less friction.  We take this seriously, so when called on, our talented and creative team will deliver the ultimate in high performance furling system.  It’s about high load furlers that weigh in grams, yet deliver performance, it’s a moto we work by, a thought process that’s impulse, its Xtreme, its KZ Racefurlers.  

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