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Karver KJ Jammer has been nominated for the METS Dame Award in Amsterdam!

(Source: Karver) On racing boats and super yachts alike, Karver noticed a growing frustration from sailors who were struggling to prevent modern rope covers from slipping in jammers and clutches.

Following this market feedback for better rope holding technology, Karver designed and patented a new concept of high load jammer. Our groundbreaking technology is based on 3 jaws moving inside an alloy cone. These jaws squeeze and lock the rope without damaging it, even under high load (up to 10T SWL for the biggest). Saying that test results are mind-blowing on technical ropes is an understatement! People who had seen a glimpse of the KJ had loved the new look which makes it a new way to stand apart for their projects the new possible applications offered by the remote control features the ability to be easily integrated into the deck or in the mast Additionally the first sailors who have tested the jammer have liked the product light weight. Among other features they noted: The absence of rope wear that eliminate the need to sleeve the rope for protection and that maintenance is easy with 1 screw to remove the whole jammer bodyand the fact that a body could be swapped in 5min if there was a failure.

There are 5 sizes of KJ for ropes from 6 to 32 mm and safe working load up to 10T. Come to our stand 11.211 at METs to discover the jammer and see how Karver can help you get more of your sailing!

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