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SoftLink: Soft shackle
for all by Wichard

(Source: Wichard) SoftLink is a soft
shackle developed by Wichard for recreational sailors looking for performance
and ease of use. Thanks to its stainless steel connector, SoftLink can be used
without any particular knowledge of ropework. It can be fitted and removed with
ease, even under tension. SoftLink easily replaces all types of shackles and
snap hooks while offering lightness, strength and, therefore, great


Even if the loop has
to be changed, the stainless steel connector can be reused.

For the same
strength, SoftLink is 4 or 5 times lighter than a 316L stainless steel shackle.
SOFTLINK: technical features

No knowledge of ropework required

Replaces shackles and snap hooks

Easy to fit and easy to open

Remarkably light and strong


 3 sizes available

 Materials: stainless steel and Dyneema SK 75



  Comments: 3

  1. this looks like a nice product, but one that could come undone when not under tension.

  2. second the first comment.. but also: if you can splice and endless loop you can also make a real Tex-Shackle that holds up without steel parts.. so whats the point?

  3. Second both comments above. Besides – isn't one of the main points of the soft shackle to do away with metal hardware?

    Also, I could see the steel failing under heavy load and turning into a nasty little projectile.