New orders, new challenges for Future Fibres

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(Source: Future Fibres) Three years into mast production and the 2014 order book reflects a diverse range of performance projects.

With the Perini 60m sloop fully assembled and awaiting stepping / sea
trials and 3 of the largest furling booms in the world (26-30m long)
nearing completion, the workshop is getting its teeth into some no less
challenging but slightly more conventional sized projects.

The APC78 performance catamaran project has a fully optimised
rotating mast with a significant number of custom features. The boat is
currently in-build at Green Marine in the UK and the mast and rigging
package are scheduled to leave Valencia in April. Also. just going into
final stages of fitout are the mast and boom for a new Frers 60
daysailor. This boat, currently being built by Persico Marine, is a
development on the stunning Ciao Gianni; all about aesthetic and
performance, Future Fibres are building an ultra clean, high modulus
mast and boom with carbon RDS lateral rigging.

The design team is equally busy with a really exciting new project:
designing a new, fully optimised, grand prix mast, boom and carbon
rigging package for the TP52 Provezza. This rig will be built to the new
2015 rule but sailing by May 2014. This gives us the opportunity to
develop and fine tune a 2015 compliant package one year early. There are
a number of TP52 teams with new boat builds scheduled for next winter
and this project gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our superior
build accuracy, performance and quality to provide a credible
alternative to existing suppliers in this finely tuned class. The 2015
TP52 rule also allows composite lateral rigging for the first time and
this is a perfect time to showcase our new fully continuous FlexC™
carbon rigging to create the ultimate TP52 package.

Sales Manager Jim Lotz sums up: “with the marine industry slowly
emerging from the doldrums owners, project managers and designers are
being more prudent with choices they make with rig packages. It has
never been more important to differentiate positively the points that
make our mast and rigging product stand out from the crowd. With our
team pushing design, build quality and technology we are increasingly
seeing customers making the correct informed choice to work with Future

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