Harken Rewind™ Radial® Electric Winch

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Will Ease and Trim Sails in Both Directions – Without Taking Line Out of Self-Tailer

Pewaukee, WI—The Rewind™ Radial® electric winch is the latest in Harken’s quest to provide cruisers with “easy sailing” solutions. Now, for the first time, sailors can ease and trim highly loaded sails in both directions without taking the line out of the self-tailer.

“The Rewind Radial electric winch is exactly what cruisers have been looking for in push-button sail control,” said Harken Italy Engineering Manager, Michele Cazzaro. “Rewind works no differently than a standard Harken electric 2-speed winch—fast trimming in first gear and more power in second. BUT! Turn the red knob at the bottom of the winch and you activate the patented Rewind function. Now this winch will ease the sheet without you or your crew going to the winch and manually releasing the line from the drum.”

The Rewind is used to trim highly-loaded jibs and mainsheets and to raise and lower halyards on boats from 35 ft to 48 ft (10.6 m to 14.6 m). The investment cast stainless steel arm keeps line captive. Load-carrying gears and pins are 17-4PH stainless steel for strength and durability. Drums are available in Hardkote-anodized aluminum.

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