A Wing Sail for Mirabaud LX

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Geneva, Switzerland: Geneva-based sailor and designer Thomas Jundt plans to develop a wing mast for his foiling monohull, Mirabaud LX.

Since the radical boat hit the water in April 2008, Mirabaud LX has undergone constant improvement including new floats, sails, foils and continuous fine-tuning to the structure in general.

Thomas Jundt, Antoine Ravonel and Eric Gobet blew off the 200-strong fleet in the Geneve-Rolle-Geneve 2009 race, winning the monohull category and breaking the event record. The same year, in May 2009, Mirabaud LX sailed for the first time without any floats, flying solely on her foils.

This autumn, Mirabaud LX won the yacht category of the prestigious Weymouth Speed Week with a run over the 500m course at an average of 23.24 knots and a top speed of 25.8 knots. Mirabaud LX will only be the second yacht with a wing on Lake Geneva, after Philippe Stern’s catamaran Altaïr XII that caused a stir in the early 90’s.

Mirabaud LX’s wing is currently in the conception phase and will be completed before the major racing circuit begins on Lake Geneva


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